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November 25, 2008

Clothing survival guide for holiday parties

With Thanksgiving around the corner, women should be gearing up to dress for all the holiday gatherings. There are a handful of occasions. Let’s see, there’s Thanksgiving, your company party, your significant other’s company party, friends’ holiday cocktail parties, the religious and cultural celebrations, and New Year’s Eve. Here are ten pieces no gal should be without during the holidays.

The Items:
1. Dark blue or black jeans
2. A cocktail dress
3. Warm cashmere sweater
4. An elegant winter coat
5. 1 party top
6. Interesting heels or sweet flats
7. Dangling earrings
8. Substantial necklace
9. Fun bracelet
10. A clutch purse

The key to creating outfits is making sure all the pieces you start with go together. Essentially, you’re building a micro-wardrobe. Wear the jeans with the party top and earrings or with the sweater, necklace and heels for the more casual events. The cocktail dress can be worn with the heels or the flats – changing the shoes changes the outfit. Notice that the clutch, coat and bracelet go with all of the other pieces, and both shoes work with any outfit. Choose colors and fabrics you like and have fun with it.

Stay warm and Happy Thanksgiving!