May 18, 2009

What they’re wearing in Vegas

We stole away to Vegas for a little rest and relaxation. While there, we made it a point to take note of what women were wearing. The most popular outfits consisted of a maxi dress and flat sandals. The maxi dresses ranged from solid black to vibrant green to printed. Some were strapless or halter, others had spaghetti straps. There was something very distinctive about the flat sandals. A lot of them had a gold chain or buckle detail across the top like the ones pictured above. As for the bags, many women carried big slouchy bags. They came in all materials – fabric, plastic and leather. We thought outfits similar to this one were brilliant for the hot dry weather. So next time you’re in an extremely hot climate, dress cool and comfortably in a maxi dress and embellished sandals.


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