April 24, 2009

Hot to Cold

Spring is a confusing time for the weather. One minute it’s sunny and warm, and the next minute it’s breezy and chilly. We recommend building your spring wardrobe with layers. Start with fine knits in cashmere, cotton or silk. We recommend just a couple of long and short sleeve tees and tanks in those materials. After the knits, you can start looking for the pretty Spring/Summer blouses. We suggest getting at least 2 special blouses in a pretty floral or bold graphic print. The third layer will be your outerwear. We love cotton coats for Spring and your options are endless. Try a cotton blazer, short belted jacket, short or full length trench, or anorak.
As for bottoms, shorts, jeans and skirts are the obvious choices for springtime bottoms. When you shop for tops, make sure they look great with all three options. If you can mix and match your Spring purchases, you’ll have an easy time getting dressed in the morning.
Add punch to your outfits with accessories. Spring accessories are a great way to experiment with color, texture and pattern. Bags, shoes, and jewelry seem like less of a commitment to the unknown. They also help your ease into a color you’ve always wanted to try, but never brave enough to buy in a dress or top. The most well dressed women always have an appropriate, chic outfit for the weather conditions and their age. Hope you enjoy these easy springtime dressing tips!

On Molliee: Steven Alan Cabana Jacket, Wren Inkblot Tee, Wren Navy Shorts. All available at Josef Boutique, San Mateo.

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