April 17, 2009

You’re so evil to me

One of our most delightful customers told us that we’re so evil to her this afternoon. It’s been a while since she was last in the shop, and after perusing all of our new Spring and Summer clothing those were the words she was so compelled to say. We heart our selection too, LP, and thanks again for shopping with us today! We’ve taken “you’re so evil to me” to mean I love all the clothes in here, but I can’t buy them all, so now I must set them free. The old saying, “if you really love [something], set it free” is so very true.

In other news, our Wren Summer 2009 collection hit the store today! It’s really amazing. We got in a 100% organic cotton tee with a golden peace sign adorning the front, a lined striped linen full mini skirt, a 100% cotton celestial embroidered cotton tank dress (see photo above), and a 100% silk sketch print dress in sunrise. Admiring the pieces will transport you to a tropical island or the French Riviera instantly! For an abbreviated mental break, stop by Josef to enjoy the new Wren Summer 09 clothing. Have a terrific weekend everyone!

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