March 26, 2009

Spring basics

As the weather gets warmer, the prospect of new spring clothes comes to mind. All you’ll need are a few pieces to freshen up your wardrobe. Being in California, I’ve already put away my winter wool coats. To combat the chill I suggest a cotton trench coat or anorak. Look for ones that are three-fourths in length. Khaki and navy blue are your best bet for colors.

The next item to transform your wardrobe is a pair shoes. Every year at the very beginning of spring, I buy one pair of new sandals intending to wear them through fall. Last year’s pick for me was a pair of brown Old Navy gladiator sandals. I wore them into October and really got my money’s worth out of them. This year I chose the black rubber Givenchy lace up sandals, and have been wearing them ever since they arrived.

Lastly, a little mini dress will do wonders for your morning outfit woes. Choose one that’s just above the knees and has full coverage in the front and shoulder areas. Wear the dress to work with a jacket or cardigan and closed-toe heels or flats. Then wear it around town with your new sandals lots of bracelets and your favorite slouchy bag.

Three items will last you a while. No need for a full closet overhaul. We’ll talk again about more pieces late in June.


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