February 25, 2009

Crazy for Mad Men

Since hearing Matthew Weiner, creator and producer of the television series Mad Men, on NPR’s Fresh Air last summer we’ve been hooked and eagerly awaiting the third season. Mad Men follows the lives of highly competitive men and women on Madison Avenue in New York during the early 1960′s. The story is intriguing, complicated, and at times amusing. We were dedicated viewers after Episode 1. In the show, the men, women and families lived a much more sophisticated and elegant life. Women dressed up and men wore suits.
Mad Men has not only influenced home and office interiors with authentic Mid-Century Modern furniture and housewares, but it has also influenced the revival of the hourglass shape. The dresses and silhouettes of Peggy, Joan and Betty remind of us our new Twinkle by Wenlan Nicely Tied Dress. See our model Ashley in the Twinkle dress below. Very Joan, no?

Top photo: blogs.mysanantonio.com and Photo of Ashley: Ed Ho

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