January 23, 2009

Fashion tips: 3/4 sleeves and jacket?

Happy Friday everyone! This week I uncovered a couple of fashion tips that really brightened up my day. The first one is wear color. Yesterday I put on a tomato red sweater with jeans and my trusty suede booties. When I got into the shop, I realized the saturated red hue was impacting my mood in a positive manner. I could feel a spring in my step, and it truly lightened my disposition. Go for vibrant colors like electric blue, lobster orange, canary yellow, and kelly green. Give it a try next week. It doesn’t have to be an entire colorful outfit, just one piece!
As for my discovery today, I found an alternative use for those ouchless thin hair elastics. I’m a big fan of three-quarter sleeve blouses, but have you ever tried to put on a jacket over one? The sleeves get bunched up above your elbows with no way of pulling them down from the armholes of the jacket. Uncomfy, no? So this morning I spied 2 ponytail holders on my dresser and decided to put them on my arms, 1 inch above the blouse cuffs, and it really worked! I can’t guarantee this will work in every situation, but for my cotton voile blouse and coated canvas raincoat, it worked like magic – a pleasantly surprising start to the weekend!

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